Why Tele-Pain Therapy is an Effective Alternative Pain Treatment

Author| Dr. Ben Bobrow

Traditional Treatments for Chronic Pain are Limited

There are many different types of chronic pain—back pain, neck pain, headaches, abdominal pain and much more. All of these forms of chronic pain have much in common:

The traditional biomedical approach of only relying on drugs and high-tech procedures to treat chronic pain has not been effective and has risks.

In fact, this narrow “fix me now” approach using pills, shots or surgery is part of the reasons we have more people disabled from chronic pain than ever before.  In addition, we now have a related epidemic of opioid addiction and overdoses.

Tele-Pain Therapy Takes a Holistic Approach to Chronic Pain

There is hope for people suffering from chronic pain, and it comes from a completely different type of medical advance. This advance has changed how we view, think and react toward chronic pain.

Today we understand much more about:

  • How chronic pain works
  • How it actually changes the human neurological system
  • How to best turn down pain signals without drugs or surgeries

Our therapists study the way that the brain, mind, and pain are inter-related. They are experienced in helping people truly heal, which often comes from the inside. Most healthcare providers are highly specialized and laser-focused on the part of your body that hurts. Often it’s more of an issue around how your brain is receiving and processing pain signals and even what is happening in your life, that needs to be addressed.

Working with Your Therapist

Our seasoned therapists can help you learn how to process pain signals differently in a safe, confidential, and convenient setting using tele-pain therapy. You meet face to face with your therapist using your mobile device or computer while developing a plan to reclaim your life. You will work with a caring therapist who will get to understand you and help you in a holistic and long-term way. You don’t have to live in constant pain. We can help you take back control of your life.

Based on Research

Our teletherapy services are not experimental. The methods we teach you are well-supported by research. We have helped many people who thought they had tried everything and couldn’t be helped.

The eVisit video platform you’ll use for connecting with your therapist is 100% HIPAA compliant and protects your information.

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