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Pediatric Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain in the pediatric and adolescent population is becoming increasingly prevalent.

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Dialogue as Cure

Dr. Danielle Ofri, an associate professor of medicine at NYU, shares her stories as a primary care physician and writer who has been analyzing the healing power of connecting with patients.

Understanding the Neurobiology of Pain

Pain perception is designed to help us recognize threats to our survival. The perception of pain, of all varieties, is actually created in our brain as a result of stimuli, which can come from a number of different sources such as nerve cells in the skin, perceptions from sensory inputs (hearing, smelling, tasting, etc.) or even from memories.

Reducing Pain by Learning How to Not Fear Pain

Pain is something we all share. Virtually everyone can recall minute details around a painful event, even if it happened decades ago. Our brains are wired for this, with a strong emotional component, which makes some pain literally “hard to forget.”

How the Placebo Effect Could Have a Major Impact on Your Chronic Pain

Pain is a subjective experience that feeds on both psychological and emotional elements. We each view and respond to pain differently. This makes pain exceedingly susceptible to placebo responses, and pain is the arena in which the placebo effect has been most extensively researched.

About All the Different Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

With chronic pain, the goal of treatments is to ease pain and increase function, so the person can resume daily activities and maximize enjoyment and productivity in their lives. Patients and their healthcare providers have multiple options for the treatment of pain. Some have more benefit for certain people than others.

Top 8 Facts About the Opioid Dependence Problem in the U.S.

The efficacy of opioids as maintenance treatment of chronic noncancer pain is not controversial. Research to this question suggests that opioids don’t help people with chronic pain like they can those with acute pain, and can even increase sensitivity to chronic pain.

Exactly How Chronic Pain Affects the Brain

The huge advances in brain imaging techniques in the last few decades have shifted our appreciation of chronic pain conditions and has opened the door for new and exciting treatment strategies.

Chronic Pain: How Hopefulness Can Bring Relief

We are all familiar with the sense of hope when we experience it but hope isn’t concrete, easily measurable, or available in pill form (not yet anyway). Regardless, if you or someone you care about suffers from chronic pain, understanding and tapping into the power of hope can be a game changer.