Our Therapists


Michael Munion, MA, LPC

Chief Psychology Officer

W. Michael Munion, MA, LPC, has been a practicing psychotherapist in Arizona since 1979 and has been affiliated with the Milton H Erickson Foundation since 1980. He is an activist in integrated primary and behavioral healthcare and has provided extensive workshops on Erickson & Brief Psychotherapy in the U.S., Europe and Mexico. He has taught about and written, edited and published books on psychotherapy. Munion’s leadership in the state of Arizona includes: member on the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Counseling Credentialing Committee; delegate for Arizona to the National Policy Academy on the treatment of Co-Occurring Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorders; and founding member of the Pinal Gila Child Abuse Prevention Council/Multi-Disciplinary Team.

Lawrence Fry, MA, LPC

Lawrence Fry, MA, LPC, holds an MA in clinical psychology, an MC in counseling, an MIM in international management and an Arizona LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). He has had therapy training in ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), CBT, DBT, EMDR, mindfulness and TA (transactional analysis). Fry provides trainings in existential therapy and utilizes an integration of CBT, developmental theory, ACT, mindfulness training, and existential therapy to focus on each patient’s individual difficulties, needs, wants and possibilities. He has developed a psychology borrowed heavily from the empirically-validated therapies that serves as an integration of past and current wisdom and science, which is useful for the reduction of suffering for the promotion of living well.

Kathleen Donaghy, PhD

Kathleen Donaghy, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialties in pain management, behavioral medicine, oncology and conflict management. She currently has a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona where she integrates her B.S. in Health Promotion/Wellness with less conventional methods such as energy psychology and hypnotherapy. Her approach is based on extensive training, research, and publications, and she offers individualized treatment for each patient.

Joe Dowling, MS, LPC

Joe Dowling, MS, LPC is a licensed professional counselor specializing in solution-focused/strategic therapy with expertise in clinical and medical hypnotherapy. Clients are taught via mindfulness, hypnotic zone experience and strategic task assignments. He has worked extensively with professional, collegiate and high school athletes for 20 years, focusing on peak performance and sport psychology to guide athletes to trust themselves and maintain maximum performance. Dowling also specializes in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, pain management and habit control for weight management and smoking cessation. Dowling has been a speaker at numerous conferences, published articles in professional journals, worked as a clinician and the director of training for The Milton H. Erickson Institute of Philadelphia and currently serves as an expert contributor for mPWR10 inc., leading the workshop Athletes On Track With mPWR10.

Roxanna Erickson-Klein PhD, RN, LPC

Roxanna Erickson-Klein, PhD, RN, LPC is a registered nurse and licensed professional counselor who focuses on individual assessment of current concerns and on building life experiences that enhance an independent, healthy lifestyle. Her wide range of skills includes hypnosis, EMDR and loss and grief therapy. Erickson-Klein has traveled the world speaking in multiple countries on pain management and addiction.

Steve Bell, LPC

Steve Bell, LPC spent 34 years with the Dallas Police Department and seven years with Dallas County. He worked in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Victim Offender Mediation/Dialogue program where he gained insight into the interface of law enforcement and psychological and therapeutic concerns and needs in the criminal justice system. Bell was also an adjunct professor at Richland College in the Dallas County Community College system prior to entering private practice.

Matt Carlson, LPC, LAC, PhD Candidate

Matthew Carlson, LPC is a family man and specialist in emergency responder health and wellness. As a prior firefighter-EMT, he received numerous commendations for valor and life saves, battled through posttraumatic stress and addiction, and has dedicated his career to helping police, fire, and EMS thrive in the areas of health and wellness. He is nearing completion of a PhD in Advanced Human Behavior at Capella University, where he has been researching the relationship between affiliative humor and resilience among firefighters with posttraumatic stress. He’s dually licensed in mental health and addiction counseling, has been awarded for counseling excellence by his alma mater, serves as adjunct faculty in the areas of counseling and psychology with Cornerstone University Professional and Graduate Studies and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, has co-founded, an organization dedicated to mental wellness of police, fire, and EMS, and is often on an adventure in the mountains surrounding Winter Park, Colorado